Students are encouraged to do internships/traineeships at the Partner Universities, with the associated partners:

  • EISCAT (European Incoherent Scatter) Scientific Association (EISCAT), Sweden
  • ESC Aerospace s.r.o. (ESC, doc), Czech Republic
  • Swedish Institute of Space Physics (IRF), Sweden
  • Swedish Space Corporation (SSC), Sweden
  • The University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Sceince, the Department of Earth and Planetary Science (Todai), Japan
  • Tubitak Uzay-Space Technologies Research Institute (Tubitak Uzay), Turkey
  • University of Colorado, Smead Aerospace Engineering Science Department (CU), U.S.A.
  • Honeywell International s.r.o. (Honeywell), Czech Republic
  • Space Seed (Space Seed), France
  • eClub CTU, Czech Technical University Media Laboratory (eclub), Czech Republic

as well as in industry, at research institutions and agencies. During a traineeship, a student usually receives financial support from the company. A student can also apply for the Erasmus Traineeship Scholarship via LTU’s International Office.