Assessment and Admission


Assessment of applicants will be made in 3 steps:

  1. Authenticity of all certificates and diplomas will be checked by the University Admission service in Sweden.
  2. Eligibility of applicants according to the eligibility requirements will be checked by the Admissions Office at LTU. Applicants who fulfil the eligibility requirements will be admitted to the Program.
  3. Eligible applicants will be evaluated by the Consortium Admission Board according to the Ranking Criteria established by the current SpaceMaster Consortium, in line with the proficiency requirements for Program tracks. In order to comply with the available places at each Partner University, this information will be taken into account during the assessment process.

The following assessment criteria are applied:

  1. Study credits (academic grades during BSc or equivalent university studies). Weight: 71%
  2. University position (according to the Consortium internal ranking list). Weight: 1%
  3. Practical experience, professional capabilities (participation in experiments and project work, internship and trainee job in areas related to and unrelated to the Program, other types of employment, available scientific publications if any. Indicate activity and time period). Weight: 14%
  4. Overseas experience (studies outside the home country. Indicate university, activity and time period). Weight: 14%

The final rank will be calculated on the basis of the achieved points using the four criteria. Applicants are encouraged to reflect all their activities in order to receive as high of a rank as possible.


The candidates will follow the admission and registration procedures at LTU for the first year. At the end of the first year students will follow the admission and registration procedures at the corresponding Partner Universities responsible for the second year. Details will be sent during the first study year, to the students concerned, of how and when to realize this procedure.

Students who will opt to study the second year at CTU will proceed with the registration before the start of the first year.

Admission for the second year depends on obtaining satisfactory performance during the first year according to the regulations of the corresponding Partner University. In exceptional circumstances (failure by the student to obtain satisfactory results during the first year, unforeseen problems such as non deliverance of a visa, mutually agreed changes) the second year university may be altered with the final decision being made in the second semester of the first year.

Privacy Policy

LTU is committed to protecting the individual privacy of applicants and students by restricting the use of all collected information as specified by Swedish law.

Non-Discrimination Policy

LTU is committed to the principle of equal opportunity in education and employment. LTU shall be free from all forms of discrimination, harassment and other abusive treatment. At LTU everyone, students and employees, are treated based on their unique circumstances and with respect and dignity to promote their opportunities to study and work.