Degrees Awarded

The Master Degree is achieved after successful accomplishment of 120 ECTS. The students who fulfil the requirements for the Master's Degree receive a double Master's Diploma, i.e. a Diploma certificate from Luleå University of Technology and a Diploma certificate from the European partner university of the second year.

 2nd Year Home UniversityDegree Awarding Universities *Name of the degree awarded,
in national language (and in English)
A+E, A+F
Teknologie masterexamen med huvudområde rymdteknik
(MSc with a Major in Space Technology)
BJMUWB+AMaster of Science (MSc)
CAaltoC+ADiplomi-insinööri (MSc [Technology])
DCUD+AMSc in Astronautics and Space Engineering
ECTUE+AMSc Elektrotechnika a informatika-Technicka kybernetika
(MSc in Electrical Engineering and Informatics – Control Engineering)
FUT3F+AMaster Science de L’Univers, á finalité Professionelle, Mention Astrophysique, spécialité Technique Spatiales et Instrumention
(MSc in Space Techniques and Instrumentation, MSc in Astrophysics, Space Science, Planetology)

* Possible combinations of degrees Erasmus+ students may receive at the end of their studies

  • Instructions how to apply for the LTU degree (pdf)
  • For 2nd year LTU students: instructions how to apply for the UPS degree (pdf)