Course Structure

SpaceMaster is a four semester Master Course, 120 ECTS. The Course has a common first year for all students. The 1st semester takes place at JMUW, Würzburg, Germany, and the 2nd semester takes place at LTU, Kiruna Space Campus, Sweden. During the 3rd semester the students are distributed among the six European universities. Students select the track of specialization for the 3rd and 4th semesters during the second semester*. The distribution for the 3rd semester is finalized at the end of the 2nd semester. The distribution for the 4th semester is finalized at the end of the 3rd semester. During the 4th semester students perform their Master thesis projects in six European universities and two Third-Country universities.

* note that only students holding the Erasmus+ scholarship can go to Cranfield University. The number of available positions is limited.

Semester 1All students at JMUW, Würzburg
Core modules, optional modules in languages and German culture, 30 ECTS
Semester 2All students at LTU, Kiruna Space Campus
Core modules, optional modules in languages and Swedish culture, 30 ECTS
Semester 3CU
Track E1
Track E2
Track E3
Track S1,E4
Track E5
Track S2,E6
Semester 4Master Thesis, 30 ECTS (45 ECTS for CU)
CU, Aalto, JMUW, LTU, CTU, UT3, Todai or USU
  • E1 Engineering Track 1: Dynamics and Control of Systems and Structures
  • E2 Engineering Track 2: Space Robotics and Automation
  • E3 Engineering Track 3: Automation, Control and Communication of Space Robotics
  • E4 Engineering Track 4: Space Technology and Instrumentation
  • E5 Engineering Track 5: Space Automation and Control
  • E6 Engineering Track 6: Space Technique and Instrumentation
  • S1 Scientific Track 1: Atmospheric and Space Science
  • S2 Scientific Track 2: Astrophysics, Space Science, Planetology

A detailed description of the Course tracks and modules is given under Course Modules.

Semester dates for the academic year 2017-2018:

LTU28 Aug. 2017 - 14 Jan. 201815 Jan. - 3 June 2018 (SpaceMaster: 13 Feb. - 3 June 2018)
JMUW16 Oct. 2017 - 10 Feb. 20189 April - 14 July 2018
Aalto4 Sept. - 22 Dec. 201715 Jan. - 18 May 2018
CTU2 Oct. 2017 - 29 June 2018
UT3 research track4 Sept. 2017 - 8 June 2018
UT3 professional track4 Sept. 2017 - 8 June 2018
CU25 Sept. 2017 - 22 June 2018

The Course is given in English.