Consortium Ranking and Selection Criteria

Applicants who fulfill the eligibility requirements will be admitted to the Course.

For the Erasmus+ scholarships the Consortium performs a ranking of all applicants from Partner Countries (i.e. Third Countries from the former Erasmus Mundus (EM) Program). The applicants from Category A with the highest ranks will receive the Erasmus+ scholarships. Other eligible applicants will be admitted to the Course without the Erasmus+ scholarship. They will be placed in reserve with the possibility to receive the Erasmus+ scholarship in case of drop outs of the Erasmus+ scholarship holders.
For ranking the following criteria are applied:

  1. Study credits (academic grades during BSc or equivalent university studies)
  2. University position (according to the Consortium internal ranking list)
  3. Practical experience, professional capabilities (participation in experiments and project work, internship and trainee job in related and unrelated to the Course areas, other types of employment, available scientific publications if any. Indicate activity and time period)
  4. Overseas experience (studies in European universities outside the home country. Indicate university, activity and time period).

The final rank will be calculated on the base of the achieved points using the four criteria. The applicants are encouraged to reflect all their activities in order to receive as high of a rank as possible.

Privacy Policy

LTU is committed to protecting the individual privacy of applicants and students by restricting the use of all collected information as specified by Swedish law.

Non-Discrimination Policy

LTU is committed to the principle of equal opportunity in education and employment. LTU shall be free from all forms of discrimination, harassment and other abusive treatment. At LTU everyone, students and employees, are treated based on their unique circumstances and with respect and dignity to promote their opportunities to study and work.